The difference bettwen Cylindrical and Prismatic cells 12v 100Ah

Will you be confused when you are choosing a lithium battery for your RV/Camper? Got something difference between Cylindrical and Prismatic cells 12v 100Ah battery pack. As you can see that the advantage for the Prismatic 12v 100Ah battery:

1. It has a lighter weight and the smaller case, which is portable to carry and will save space on the RV/camper.

2. It can save 3 hours for fast charging time compare to the cylindrical one.

3. It has a higher chargr/discharge current than the cylindrical.

4. Its cycle life can be up to 5000 times, which is almost as twice as much than the cylindrical.

5. The warranty can be 5 years, while the cylindrical has only 3 years.


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