Lithium Battery 3.2V 92AH LiFePO4 Battery Cell

Lithium Battery 3.2V 92AH LiFePO4 Battery Cell

Application *UPS and computer Data Center Backup power supply; *Motorcycles, electric bicycles, electric cars, electric motorcycles, electric tricycles, Golf Cars, Forklift Battery. *Wind Turbine Generator system; *Solar Energy Storage System; *Telecom Base Station *AGV Battery *Marine Battery *House Backup Power Bank *Off Grid On Grid Energy Storage

Products Detail


· UPS backup

· Fire alarm and security systems

· Medical equipment

· Golf trolleys, Golf carts,

· Electric tools: electric drill, lawn mower.

· Wireless lawn movers vacuum cleaner and washing machine

· Garden lighting· Measuring and medical equipment portable camcorders portable personal computer.

· 12 v solar system

· As for Customer Electronics: MPS, Tablet PC. Notebook, Bluetooth Headset, Power Bank, Portable DVD Player,

Speakers, microphones, audio equipment, audio, digital cameras

· Toys and consumer electronics

3.2V 92Ah cell
Casing material for single cell
Aluminum shell
Nominal Voltage
Core size
Cell Weight
Charging Current
Standard Charging:0.2C
Max Charging:1C
Max Discharging Rate
Continuous Discharging:2C
Cut-off Voltage
Internal Resistance
≤ 0.5mΩ (At 0.2C rate, 2.0V cut-off)
Working Temperature
Charging: -10°C~55°C
Discharging: -20°C~70°C
Storage Temperature
≤1month: -10–45°C
≤3month: 0–30°C
≤6month: 20±5°C
Life Cycle
>6000 times (100%DOD)


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